Water Diet For A Slimming Figure

Many women are finding their ways over the choice of diet, because they are so confused with a range that which one of the diet program is better for them. Menu of all diets are very different, the main products can be almost everything, as they say, for every taste! But since no one diet is present without drinking water. The basic condition of every diet for weight loss is a sufficient use of body fluids.
Drinking a glass of water before eating improves metabolism
Water is an excellent solvent which helps in your intestines. Drunk, for 20 minutes before a meal, a glass of water reduces your appetite and helps sated with less food, which greatly helps those who are watching their figures. So it is proved that drunk before eating, drink a cup of water which speeds up metabolism and, because of this, the fat in the body is not delayed.
Do not drink warm or cold water in between meals
Another trick that will help you in the fight for an ideal figure, suggests that in between meals should not drink warm and cold water. This will force your body to spend an additional amount of calories for its heating, since the water is absorbed by the body warm. Restrict your body in the water in any case it is impossible!
Lack of water consumption
Due to the lack of liquid, the function of kidneys may not work with full capacity, so the consumption of water have to help the liver (the primary function of which is to convert fat into energy). If the sufficient amount of water is not consumed then the liver does not have enough time to perform its main task, and just laid on the fat reserves. Diet with the water is a great way to easily and effortlessly to say goodbye to overweight!
Basic rules of the water diet:
* Drink two cups of warm water before 20 minutes of eating.
* During and after the meal (within two hours), it is not necessary to use a liquid.
* Forget about the sweet and starchy foods. If you have decided to drink tea or coffee then consume it without sugar, cookies and cakes.
* During a day do not eat more than 1200 calories. You can also offer some specific menu. But it is better to consume lower-calories and low fat-containing foods. In your daily diet high proportion of fruit and vegetables should be consumed!
It is important not to forget these rules and within a minimum period you can lose up to 8 pounds! You will feel more attractive and confident; you will become closer to the ideal figure, the figure of your dreams!

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