Steps to Struggle for a Beautiful Body

In order to choose exactly what you need, you should always be aware of all existing major trends in fitness and those that have only recently emerged, to know your key goal. We will try to understand the most common varieties of fitness programs and training offered by the sports clubs. Being fashionable and beautiful is not so easy to learn and there are very useful directions of modern fitness, it is certainly found in Pilates exercise.


Pilate’s gymnastics programs occupy a leading position in popularity and attendance. The unique technique is that it focuses on the extension and elaboration of deep muscles and joints. This allows you to stretch and strengthen the main muscle groups. Pilates has also other targets to make stronger muscles without increasing the dimensions of the muscles. Pilates expands flexibility, beauty and recovers the positions. Lesson aims to maintain muscle tones, improves muscle steadiness and body power.

Aerobics is recommended for all levels:

For those who like to feel confident in themselves and their abilities, there is a great lesson of aerobics with elements of the art karate and kick-boxing. It does not teach to attack, rather, it is intended for self-defense. First warm-up, then stretch your muscles. Then it comes the main part of the training for 10-15 minutes of intense exercise.

Jumping with different strokes:

The smooth, slow movements help to catch your breath. Kicks are in slow motion, which helps to learn their techniques. And the curtain – strength training, jumping, swinging press gives you great activeness. The interesting thing is that in the end, it is always accelerating pace and increasing load. By a consistent rhythm it takes a long time to reach the point of exhaustion and continues to learn the calculated forces.

Schedule of training from the basics:

Scheduling training is very important to consider a number of factors: age, fitness level, experience of sports and presence of disease. For example, beginners should not start their training with high-intensity cardio and advance training, since the load on the body would be excessive.

Body Sculpt:

Strengthening the muscles of the entire body; the load will be average and above average intensity, using dumbbells or other weights weighing about 2 to 6 pounds. These exercises are easy to coordinate, develop strength endurance, strengthen and give your muscles a nice relief. It is not need to fear a huge increase in muscle volume with heavy weights, but the beautiful landscape and the tone you really gain only with light weights.


Bosu is a simple emulator which can be used on both sides: as a hemisphere up or down. However unusual simulator, with starting class for beginners is not so easy. This exercise builds up the vestibular system, develops power and suppleness, flexibility and skills of stamina, and develops posture. In addition, this machine is used in other types of fitness as well.

Fitball exercise:

Another workout with unusual equipment is fitball – it is a kind of aerobic exercise with a big ball. You can perform many exercises while sitting on the ball or relying on it. In this case, you get a lofty adequate force and marvelous wellness and firming effect.

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