Review About Women's Health

For women’s health, mood, appearance and appetite of female hormones have a significant role. Critical days come to exist as a result of hormonal rhythms deficiency, before you find a relationship between the critical days and hormones you need to remember three basic “control” of the female body:
1) Estrogen – most female hormones are formed by the ovaries from the starting age of puberty and earlier than menopause. Formation of estrogen reduces in women’s womb in contrast with her age. During puberty, the measures of estrogen formed greatly and increased with a huge extent, evidenced by an increase in the sex glands. Also, these hormones are dependable for the menstrual cycle to avoid atherosclerosis. These hormones are also in charge for the action of the sebaceous glands, the water-salt metabolism and strengthening bones.
2) Progesterone – is known as the hormones of pregnancy. They affect the formation of a woman’s body, hair growth, the growth of sexual organs, instruct the body for childbirth. During pregnancy, progesterone increases quickly, and right away after the delivery of a child it falls sharply, because it contributes to the formation of milk.
3) Testosterone – is known as the male sex hormones, which are also present in women (10 times less). Through follicle presence it develops skeleton, normally works marrow and sebaceous glands have a propensity to increase mood. Increasing or improving the stage of testosterone leads to the formation of diseases. Low protection may be similar to: uterine fibroids, osteoporosis, breast cancer, and endometriosis. Elevated levels can be: a violation of the menstrual cycle or no ovulation, excessive hair growth and infertility problems.
The entire menstrual cycle is divided into two phases:
Phase 1 – from the beginning to the middle of the monthly cycle (is favorable);
Phase 2 – from the middle of the cycle, but the beginning of the next month (the critical days).
Mostly in the second phase, most women feel aggressiveness, irritability, fatigue and tearfulness, insomnia and headaches, acne, swollen feet and high blood pressure – these are the critical days, the condition in which the body is determined by the raising or lowering of the major hormones to the deterioration of appearance and health problems causes with estrogen deficiency. Because of progesterone low levels the critical days are painful, frequent mood changes.
Hormones have a big impact on the regularity and amplitude periods. In the first two years of rough menstruation, pain is ordinary. If the cycle is not usual, more adults found the problem with deficiency of progesterone and then they must have to consult with health specialist. After 40 years of the phase, it may be irregular because of the eruption of premenopausal period; hormone levels at this moment are no longer indicated.
Conclusion: The hormones have a direct impact on critical days, so when irregular cycle is noticed with severe pain and heavy bleeding, then it must to consult a gynecologist or endocrinologist for the remedial measures.

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