Strategy and tactics diet should be verified and justified. And in order to choose the best method, you must first answer the question: How did it start? What was the impetus to gain weight?
Of course, the popular expression you have to eat less, is true, but why increased appetite, why the usual food, suddenly became a source of inventory at our sides? Consider the reasons for the sharp increase in weight.
Hormonal changes causes
Hormonal changes cause arises in times of severe genital reconstruction: the beginning of an active sexual life, pregnancy, menopause, gynecological diseases. These causes are temporary in nature, but can give rise to a rapid increase in weight. In this case it is necessary to review their eating habits, diet change downward calories. When the result appeared pounds were gynecological disease, you should seek treatment for the emergence of various diseases in the body.
Medical examinations and treatment is also required
If there is an infringement of the liver, pancreas, thyroid and other possible abnormalities, then stop the growth of pounds by diet alone is almost impossible. It requires a thorough medical examination, diagnosis, and treatment. Otherwise any thoughtless imbalances in diet can be more provocative of the disease, which does not want to. With the worsening of the disease are overweight also increases.
Psychological imbalance
A psychological problem often overweight is the result of psychological imbalance. This is a stress, family discord, sexual dissatisfaction, professional problems, and depression. In such cases, a strict diet can be an additional irritant and only trigger the development of increased appetite.

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