How To Store Foods In The Refrigerator

Frozen same products, in which water changes in a solid form, crystalline state (in the form of ice), may be stored for a long time. It is also known that the water contained in the foods, variously dissolved mineral salts, carbohydrates and alcohols, which considerably reduce the temperature of freezing. Therefore, the crystallization starting temperature is always lower O ° C (but usually not below -10 ° C).
Thus, due to the lower temperature stock compartment may have significant degradation in quality which may be stored in the products. The most suitable utensils for storing food in the refrigerator are plastic bags, enamel and plastic rectangular trays. These trays conveniently stir on the shelves, installed and removed, washed well and with sufficient capacity to be adjusted. They can store a variety of products. Opportune container for reserving food in the refrigerator, bags are made of polyethylene coat.
In this case, you should only use bags that are economically offered especially for food products. The use of any other synthetic bags, for example, textile products are unsafe, because the migration of plasticizers in food and other substantial components. Artificial bag securely is moisture, but to some coverage porous to gases, therefore the food products in it will make you difficult to “breathe” properly. Polyethylene buckets are principally superior for the reserve of undersized segments of fruits and vegetables.
At the same vegetables and fruits ripen ingestion of sugar, drops moisture and set free carbon dioxide, which accumulates in a conserved synthetic bag, deliberate metabolism and averts spontaneous spoilage. About the same acts individual wrapping of parchment or wax paper can help to protract life, such as apples. However, charging them in the refrigerator within a paper casing products is offensive for two causes:
First, they take up a lot of space, they are difficult to find and remove the second, impedes with the customary circulation of air inside the chamber and as a result of worsening conditions of storage products. Pots, cruets, dishes of the usual form with the improper storage of utensils for food in the refrigerator, the utilization of foods become unproductively.

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