Can Laxatives Help You Lose Weight

How to Lose Weight with Laxatives Safely

Each person has each reason like anxiety and eating too much, having an unbalanced diet, main medication, and so on. And losing weight also has a variety of method. You can skip meals, you can do more exercise, and you can fill up more fiber in your daily diet. You also enable to choose the liposuction surgery or laxative method as well.
For those who have the first time of hearing the laxative way, they will react like this: What? Using the laxative method? Is it really worked for my body shape? Is it safe? The truth is it could be safe for you and others when you have a deep understanding and apply it in the right way. Let’s begin with the in-depth guide in advance.

Can Laxatives Help You Lose Weight

A glance of the laxative method

In fact, laxatives are pills we take this to help the bowel movements do well or it sometimes makes a stool to relieve its process. If you have constipation or other uncomfortable bowel movements, doctors will take these for you in a limited using time.
Today, several persons often use it to boost the prevalence of bowel movements and implement in the weight loss procedure. Thus, laxatives are also a common approach for reducing weight in these days.

The certain types of laxative

Do you know that laxative method also have different classes and each of them has a different function? Of course, there are hundreds of laxatives on the current market, but you should put these in some main categories.
Stimulant laxatives are one of the most popular forms. These will increase the digestive movement in a natural way. Other laxative kinds have osmotic products, bulking platforms, stool softeners, enemas.
Osmotic products: they ought to make the colon has water and increase the osmosis process so that the poop is softer and the bowel movement is easier to pass.
• Bulking platforms: these will put a lot of fiber content so that you can poop easily.
• Stool softeners: they will push water in your colon and make it easy to go to the restroom.
• Enemas: their main function is reducing constipation because they place fluid to the rectum.

Use laxatives for weight loss

One of the most popular uses of laxatives is reducing weight. Most laxatives support in banishing of food immediately from your body before calories have been consumed. Therefore, when you eat, you will have to find a toilet within hours. The laxative method makes a fast loss of weight because of the calories dropping.

Benefits of using laxatives

When using laxatives, you will feel comfortable as your body cannot absorb more calories. To gain more positive influences, you should choose the best laxatives for weight loss. Also, it helps reduce constipation condition. However, you should use it in a short time only. If you abuse it for long period of time, many risk factors will surely come off.
Downsides when taking laxatives too much for weight loss

Diarrhea and dehydration

Obviously, when you use laxatives with high dosage or long period of time, diarrhea is the first downfall can visit you. Most laxative medicines might loosen your stool and cause diarrhea. Long-term diarrhea leads to dehydration as well as nutritional insufficiency.
Abdominal pain
Before taking any laxative pill, make sure to check all side effects by reading the instruction. Some laxatives can cause painful stomach. The abdominal pain is often caused by tonic laxatives which bring about shrinkages in your colon.
Some pregnant women often have nausea in the first 3-month period. You are not sure why you have the same state although you do the gynecological examination. In this time, think of the laxatives. Nausea is also a popular drawback related to using laxatives. The feeling can continue more than 3 days and you feel uncomfortable.
Some chemical elements in laxatives ought to avoid the layer of your stomach and lead to vomiting. This can take place serious nutritional effects for a while.
Rectal bleeding
Seriously, laxatives probably make lots of contractions in your bowel and colon. If this process happens all the time, rectal bleeding will come. In this period, laxatives do not unfasten the stool, they pull more and more. The stool is not soft and the rectum enables to irritate and bleeding.
When your body does not have enough water to transfer cells to other organs because of the dehydration of the laxatives, you will faint. Additionally, you do not have enough energy to push all cells in your body work.
Electrolyte imbalance
Laxatives make your body to lose many fluids and lots of important electrolytes. These electrolytes handle your body systems which include important organs and heartbeat as well. You feel exhausted and painful when electrolytes imbalance. In some cases, it could be fatal.

The ideal time for using laxatives

In fact, the supervision of your doctor or gastroenterologist will determine the best time for you to use laxatives to reduce weight.
You will do some medical checkup before. By doing this, he or she will have a deep understanding of your natural digestive rhythm.
In addition, you will have to stop using this method under your doctor instruction. Do not go to the drug shop and buy laxatives when you do not know the best dosages for your body!
In some cases, all the lost weight will come back after finishing use.


And…wrap up…

Laxatives are known as an unsafe and unsustainable method when reducing weight for a while. Nonetheless, you enable to undertake it once you know the true story behind. It is probably a stupid way but it is still effective to lose weight.
When you want to lose your weight in a long time, you need to apply other approaches such as get more physical activity, try to eat more fibers in your daily diet, evade fast foods and soft drinks, minimize your portion sizes, etc.

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