Avoid Toxic – Create Own Mask With Calcium Bentonite

The largest functional organ of human body is skin. Toxins make their way into the body through skin. The market is abundant with ready to use natural clay masks for your skin care. It is important to be aware of ingredients of these skin care products. The save yourself from these necessary evils of toxins present in skin care clay masks is to make it at your home.  
It is important to read skin care labels to know with what ingredients you are treating your skin.

  • A familiar toxin used as preservative in packaged volcanic clay masks is dmdm hydantoin. Derived from methanol it result in burning, scaling, hives, itching and blistering of skin due to poor immune system response. It can also cause cancer.
  • Styrax Benzoin extract is another common allergen found in clay mask. It can cause skin irritations, welts and urinary problems when absorbed through the skin.
  • Potassium Hydroxide or caustic potash is another ingredient used in clay masks. Being highly corrosive, it causes rashes and burning in the skin and when used in greater concentrations (5%), can destroy fingernails.

Fortunately, there is a natural substance called calcium bentonite clay that can be used to prepare a toxic free mask. Clay is a mineral whose chemical compositions are similar. Clay in the semctite family is more suitable to prepare clay masks.
To make homemade clay mask, you can used any quality of calcium bentoite clay. To make it follow the following steps

  • Mix 1 part dry calcium bentonite clay with 3 parts filtered water or organic apple cider vinegar or rosewater as the substitute of water.
  • Blend well till the consistency of sour cream.
  •  Keep it covered for 12 hours or more.

How to Apply

  • Apply a thin layer to the skin and allow it to dry for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water.
  •  After rinsing with water moisturize it.

As clay increases blood circulation, you will experience some temporary redness of the skin. Clay facials can be done once week for the purpose of exfoliation and cleansing.


Natural Eczema Treatment

Eczema is the problem in the children and adults as well that causes dryness, itching and red skin. Sometimes the situation gets worst enough that causes blisters on the skin that become open and ooze. Most common kinds of eczema are;
Atopic eczema is a condition common in children and often appears on face as red rashes with irritation.
Seborrhoeic eczema commonly affects adults and first appears on scalps and looks similar to dandruff.
The causes of eczema are not cleared but it is assumed eczema is somehow triggered by the body response to an external irritant that causes a severe reaction on the skin. Atopic eczema later develops allergies or asthma.
People with eczema or dermatitis are always in search of tips and treatments to treat the disorders and most if not all prefer the natural treatments over the traditional medical methods.
Eczema Natural Treatment: What To Look For
An eczema natural treatment can be found and many natural or holistic healing organizations carry products to help with the condition of eczema. Many natural and holistic healing organizations carry products to help treat the condition of eczema.
First thing first is to treat the skin and prevent it from dryness and losing moisture that can cause the disorder to become worst. For this tamanu oil is advised to help make a barrier on the skin and save you from any loss of moisture. The oil applied onto the skin and has a soothing effect on the area affected with the eczema.
It is also reported by many researchers that vitamin E is also thought to help in the eczema treatment. The vitamin E acts as immunity enhancer that means that to improve the natural ability of body to heal.
Flax oil is one more treatment of eczema that is natural that has an anti-inflammatory property to assist with the red swollen skin associated with eczema.
One best natural treatment for eczema is Neem or Azadirachta indica. It can help with infections that are often after effects of eczema. As the skin get scratched, sores can develop that become infected. Neem is an evergreen plant that is used as poultice on the skin to help prevent infections.
To avoid complications it is always advisable to consult with a physician in conjunction with natural treatments. The best thing with natural treatments is no negative side effects and eczema can be treated naturally even if the condition is chronic.

Skin Cleansing Remedies

The skin is the major organ of the body, so it is good to be carefully handled, as if something is wrong the appearance will tell you about indications. Do not be shy to seek natural remedies which are most suitable for a healthy complexion. We are always in search of beauty treatments to restore lost radiance of the complexion. Stress, fatigue, improper diet all factors may put their mark on your skin. Cancel the treatment with chemicals and resort to the natural pharmacy as follows:
Peppermint cools the skin
Peppermint contains menthol that gently cleanses your face. People with the problem of acne can blow their face with fresh juice of mint and let this natural remedy to act overnight. Another way is to compress the mint leaves and blend them with lemon juice, implement it on the skin and wait stand for twenty minutes, followed by washing with warm water.
Papaya has antibacterial role
Few people know about the measures of papaya for skin problems. The enzymes include in it removes the layer of departed cells from the skin and helps to heal any damage. Papaya juice smoothes wrinkles and fade brown spots caused by harmful sun’s rays. You can use papaya as a mask component; for that purpose merge balanced amount of cocoa with eligible skin cream, a papaya pulp, little amount of honey and some amount of powdered oats. Submit all these applications and let it scheduled for ten minutes, finally rinse it with lukewarm water.
Rice flour & fat yogurt
It is a natural product used in curing wrinkles and reduction of skin chromaticity. You can prepare a cleaning cream with moderate quantity of fat yogurt with amalgamation of rice flour; these substances serving to eliminate contamination from the skin.
Neem leaf powder removes excessive oil
Neem leaf herbs played momentous role in curing broken cells and tissues of the skin. It is used in many beauty conductions and considered to be an ideal remedy for cleansing the skin. It is enough to permit the mask made from neem powder with yogurt combination and skin will be refreshed. Follow this healing conduction once over a week and definitely you will not face any skin tribulations associated with blackheads.

Tips For Oily Skin

Oily skin can be caused by many issues such as hormonal alteration, diet, age, hereditary tendency or changes of weather. Certain treatments can help to revolutionize and combat this problem. The easiest way is to wash the oily surface of blur skin three times a day with cold water for glowing results. Thus, excess oil is removed. Be careful, however, not too often you wash your face because you may get a risk to stimulate oil production.
Homemade masks can do wonders
One of the considerable ways by which you can control the surplus sebum problem is to apply regular skin cleansing masks. You can prepare it at home from standard ingredients. You have to take five teaspoons of firmed pineapple, five teaspoons of papaya and one teaspoon of honey; combine them all then submit that mixture submission to act for fifteen minutes. Finally eradicate it with cold water.
Yolk mask is also recommended for the oily skin type. Strike two raw eggs with little amount of milk powder with the combination of honey. Stretch and imply that mask mutually on face and neck. Allow it to obtain the effect for thirty minutes.
We can also get the admired masks for oily skin with lemon juice. Mix reasonable amount of lemon extracts with honey and orange peel; mingle them all. Let this mixture work for 10 minutes and then wipe it with cold water. If you are suffering with skin associated disorders, then it is recommended to mix ground oatmeal with the combination of yogurt and tomato juice. Apply that particular mixture on the affected surface. After 20 minutes, remove the mixture and you will come to notice that your skin will be cleaned.
Apple is a remedy that is certainly invisible in the terms and consideration for skincare treatment. Grand apple slices and apply it on problem areas; allow them to act for fifteen minutes. For effective results, you can have a grated apple with a mixture of lemon extracts.
You can also take sauna bath but before taking bath boil two cups of water then add reasonable amount of dried herbs such as lavender, lemon and rose petals; allow that mixture to boil and then place it at room temperature to cool down and then drink it. After the consumption cover your head with a towel and sit under the steam for fifteen minutes and then finally get washed. For the clear visible results the treatment should be done once a week.

Lemon Mask For Your Skin

Homemade masks are great option to replace expensive products found in stores. It can be as effective as a spa treatment, plus homemade masks are made from natural ingredients. Find out how you can get help to have a perfect skin with lemon mask!
Lemon acts as a natural purification agent; it is especially indicated for eliminating dirtiness from the pores. It is beneficial for all skin types because it leaves your skin toned and refreshed.
Mask for oily skin
In a bowl mix four tablespoons of flour, four tablespoons of yogurt and a tablespoon of lemon juice as immediately the mixture combination turns into a paste, apply the paste with fingertips to the entire face avoiding the eye area. Let this mask stand for 15-20 minutes. For wiping out the mask wash your face, this mask has anti-inflammatory and relaxing effects.
Normal Skin Mask
Squeeze half a lemon in a bowl, add egg yolk and mix well. Stretch mask on face and neck and let it stand for 30 minutes. For wiping out the mask, wash with light warm water and use a towel to dry skin. It is indicated that in the conclusion to rinse your skin with cold water to close pores. This mask is suitable for those people who want moisturizing and antibacterial mask for their skin.
Mask for skin combination
Two tablespoons of brown sugar, four tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons lemon extract are the ingredients for exfoliating mask preparation with moisturizing properties. For extra hydration, add a teaspoon of almond oil. Mix all composition to relate and apply it on clean skin to act for 15-20 minutes, after that process wipe out your face with water.

Unusual Risk Factors Of Skin Cancer

Still ultraviolet heat in the sun is the major harmful cause of skin cancer. Factors which increase the risk of skin diseases with the natural preventive measures to cure are as follows:-
Foot wear
If you wear flip flops on your feet and do not use sunscreen, you can easily get sunburn. In addition, irritation, cracks and sores appears when you wear flip flops; it also contributes to the development of skin cancer. Unfortunately, preventive medical examination of the foot is often ignored. So you should have to wear more closed slippers, use sunscreen and cover your feet with a towel on the beach.
Wearing Cap & Using sunscreen
Usually wear a cap to protect your eyes and face from the sun, but in this case, ears and neck is unprotected. Moreover, many of us do not put sunscreen on the ears; the fact is that doctors often find a type of skin cancer which is known as basal cell carcinoma. You should apply sunscreen to the ears and neck, use sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats.
Male skin cancer
Skin cancer occurs in men twice as often, and squamous – three times more often than women. Scientists believe that the cause of this pattern lies in the combination of hormonal, genetic factors and lifestyle. Get yourself protected with the artificial makeup and avoid long hairs. Many men do not like to use sunscreen. In this case, consider using sunscreen as a spray.
Dark skin
People with dark skin are better protected from the effects of UV radiation due to the high content of melanin pigment. Therefore, they are less likely to develop skin cancer. However, this is a known fact gives people with dark skin a false sense of security, and they forget about the need to use sunscreen. So you should have to use sunscreen with regular inspection of vulnerable areas like palms, soles, fingers and nails.
Smoking has a negative impact not only on the lungs, and other organs. According to the survey in 2013, women smokers are increased and associated with the risk of skin cancer. Apparently, this is due to the influence of estrogen on the conversion of nicotine in women. The greater the experience of smoking, the greater will be the risk of developing skin cancer – this is true for both men and women. You should stop smoking, in that way you will reduce the risk of cancer at any site.

Cure Your Skin With Natural Mixture Of Grape

The grape is very highly effective for your skin, that’s why cosmetic manufacturers make use of grape-based ingredients in sunscreens and cosmetics. Polyphenols and Bioflavonoids in grape are substances with excellent effect on the health and beauty of your skin, and the effects of cosmetic treatments is based with grape ingredients ranging from hydration to increase skin elasticity and even skin rejuvenation.
Grape seeds are rich in linoleic acid, which contributes to the recover cell membranes, while the pulp of grape helps to combat against the destruction of collagen and skin wrinkles. Grape berries can be a very good remedy against sunburn, and this fruit offers beauty solutions throughout the whole year. Find out how you can get benefits from the advantages of grapes, through six natural beautiful therapies:
Natural Solution to refresh skin
Take 6 grains of white seedless grapes, 2 table spoon of natural yogurt and one half teaspoon of honey, lemon juice and olive oil each, and then blend it all together to get perfect mixture to fresh your skin. Apply the mixture on the face and leave it act for 10 minutes, then rinse your face with water and let it dry without the towel.
Mask for revitalizing skin
To get the rejuvenating effects of grapes, squeeze a few grains to get the 3 tablespoons of grape juice. Then add 3 tablespoons of natural yogurt and 1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed orange juice. The mixture is ideal for the skin on the face and neck and acts in 5 minutes, after which it can be rinsed with cold water.
Grape is also helpful for Anti Acne treatment
Enjoy the effectiveness of grapes as agent of anti acne treatment. Stirring 5 grains of grapes squeezed with a quarter teaspoon of wheaten flour and a teaspoon of baking soda. Gently stretch the mask on the face and let it act for 10-15 minutes, after which that you can rinse your face with lukewarm water. This treatment has a maximum efficacy for oily skin.
Mask for dry skin
The combination of fresh grape juice and whole milk is great for a dry skin. Mix the two ingredients in equal parts and applies the result on face for 15 minutes. The combination of grape juice with yogurt is naturally ideal for irritated skin or burnt by the Sun.
Detox Treatment
The best Detox treatment for your skin combines the advantages of grape pulp and juice with the power of the seeds. Mix the ingredients in a blender with 6 large white grape berries with one teaspoon of honey and one tea spoon of grape seed oil. After mixing, the mixture is spread on the front and let it act optimally in about 15 minutes. Even if you don’t have handy grape seed oil, juice mixed with honey can have a similar effect and helps in skin exfoliation and closing pores.
Mask for oily skin
Mix one teaspoon of white grape juice with a teaspoon of raw yolk and spread the mixture in areas of a fat skin. Mask will works in 5 minutes, and then rinse it with cold water for best results.

Eczema Free Forever Review

eczema free foreverEczema is condition that makes your skin blotchy red and scaly patches with oozing. Eczema sufferers feel severe itching that keeps a person bothering and making his/her life worst.

What is Eczema Free Forever?

Rachel Anderson’s guides ‘Eczema Free Forever’ is a systematically designed eBook to stop the itching almost immediately. The important feature of the treatment is that the product not only eliminates the eczema, but also brings overall dryness of skin. Eczema Free Forever Program contains natural eczema solution which not only cures eczema, but also eliminates the root causes of it.
The prescribed medications provide temporary cure and they are also costly. When we compare the cost of medicines we purchase, the price of this program seems affordable with a permanent cure. All types of eczema are well treated through this eBook. It is a systematic step by step approach to cure this disease. The beauty hidden in this product is that all the treatments are totally natural and are done without using drugs. Once you start following effective techniques in this guide, you will definitely see improvements and benefits not only in curing eczema but complete health.

About Rachel Anderson – The Author Of Eczema Free Forever System

eczema free foreverRachel Anderson did a great job by making such an informative eBook which lets the users know how to permanently eliminate eczema. She was the lady suffering from same problem and her research and experiments gave origins to Eczema Free Forever. This ebook is highly beneficial, especially for girls.
Whenever you get this program, you will be provided with the following bonuses which will help you a lot further. These bonuses include;

  1. Super foods for Optimum Health
  2. 177 Ways to Burn Calories
  3. The Seven Secrets to a Good Diet
  4. 43 Nutrition Secrets Revealed
  5. Supplementary with Super foods

Cons Of The Program – The Review Of Eczema Free Forever

  1. The treatments in the eBook require your commitment to carry out the methods in quick time.


Pros Of The Program – Eczema Free Forever Review

  1. The treatment methods are explained in a well organized way i.e. each step is explained clearly and systematically.
  2. There will be no fear of side-effects like kidney or blood pressure disorders as the treatment is totally based on natural cures.
  3. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee which shows the author’s confidence of the program’s being effectiveness.
  4. Eczema Free Forever stops itching at the earliest in a natural away.
  5. The PDF format can be easily downloaded through internet.
  6. The eBook comprises of such treatment methods that will keep you far away from smelly creams and ointments.

Conclusion Of Reviewing Eczema Free Forever

Eczema Free Forever is a solution developed by Rachel Anderson and she is so confident of her natural cures as she experienced them herself which confirms that is it Eczema Free Forever is not a scam program and you can enjoy an eczema free life too by applying the treatments of this program.
eczema free forever

Joey Atlas Truth About Cellulite Review

The Truth About Cellulite is a beauty program for women or perhaps in some cases for men too. Cellulite is a skin problem which seems like a scar tissue formation. It looks like cheese spread throughout the particular parts of the body specially the abdomen. This can also appear due to the imbalance level of hormones. Once it is formed, it takes a lot of time and effort to be out. Toxins may also be a solid reason behind it. Overall it affects the complete beauty of women.
truth about cellulite
There are many products in market that are designed for the purpose of getting rid of this issue, but all the products not really work out in the desired way. Joey Atlas’ program focuses on eight simple cellulite targeted exercises. The well explained exercises are there as proper recommendation which give you multiple benefits and allowing your muscles to rest is one of them. You can use this program to improve your fitness as well. To assist in decreasing cellulite, this guide helps you a lot by stopping you to spend thousands of dollars on medicines and surgical treatments, creams, devices, pills and other treatments. Truth About Cellulite program really helps you regain your inner beauty. The program contains the following items;

  1. Naked Beauty’s (PDF Version)
  2. Naked Beauty’s Online Streaming Versions
  3. Your Personal Symulast method
  4. Anti-Cellulite Cardio Guide
  5. Lifetime Anti-Cellulite Prevention & Maintenance

Joey Atlas – The Creator Of Truth About Cellulite Program

truth about celluliteJoey Atlas is the creator of Truth About Cellulite, a well researched and highly effective program that totally focuses on eliminating cellulite by all natural methods. Joey holds the Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology, hence, he is an expert on the subject.

Bonuses with the Complete Program

To completely end cellulite issue, Joey Atlas adds the following bonuses as well with the actual product;

  1. Flat Sexy Stomach
  2. Online Video on Tightly Toned Arms and Flat Stomach
  3. Total-Body Toning, Lifting & Shaping Online DVD: Session #1
  4. Individual Workout Routine for Cellulite Elimination
  5. Home Workout DVD: Females Complete Body
  6. Expert Membership To The Cellulite Files

CONS – to Review Joey Atlas Truth About Cellulite Program

  1. Sometimes it may not suit everyone because everyone has its own body functions.
  2. It may not be helpful for the ones who cannot commit to spend time enough time to do the exercises suggested in the program.


PROS – to Review Joey Atlas Truth About Cellulite Program

  1. Joey Atlas provides a natural solution to cure Cellulite. On the other hand if you go to cure your cellulite to the dermatologist, you are asked to pay huge fee with no or temporary results. Hence, it is quite cheap as well as effective program.
  2. Truth About Cellulite in an eBook that provides permanent treatment. It serves in such a way that it removes the root cause of cellulite.
  3. Joey also offers the option of 100% money back guarantee.
  4. The program is so strong that it completely cures the cellulite in 24 to 30 days.
  5. It is quite easy to understand and follow.

Conclusion – Scam by Joey Atlas ?

The Truth About Cellulite is an program by Joey Atlas to remove cellulite and it promises to bring your inner beauty back in 24 days without having any side effects. You can use this program to have a tension free life and make a firm decision to follow the program as cellulite is quite stubborn issue to solve.

Acne No More Review

Acne No More ReviewWhat is Acne No More?

These days, acne is becoming a very common problem for which people try many methods with temporary results. The system to cure acne described in Acne No More tells how to get rid of blackheads and help to heal the acne fast. It is one of the best selling acne treatment ebooks online. This great and comprehensive program’s structure lies on five basic aspects which are as under;

  1. Cleansing and Flushing: In this section, the author, Mike Walden, provides effective techniques of cleansing of your body.
  2. Nutritional Supplementation and Candida Elimination: In this part, you will be taught your body nutrients that will prevent you from Candida growth.
  3. Detoxification: In order to stop and clean “toxic build-up” this section helps you by focusing on it. Toxic agents are main root of acne.
  4. Stress Control and Sleep Optimization: To control yourself by managing stress and planning, good sleep is extremely vital. This section is separated to teach you the same.
  5. Natural Skin Plan: External skin care is given special attention. Many recipes are there to treat your skin externally.

The whole ebook covers 248 pages with much useful information regarding all types of acne. If you are looking for better acne treatment progress, this is one of the best options.

About Mike Walden – Acne No More Review?

Mike Weldon Acne No MoreThis ebook is written by Mike Walden who is experienced person in consulting and also a nutrition and medical researcher. He was an ex-sufferer of acne and shared his great experience with others to cure acne in an easy way.

A Bonuses with the Ebook – Review of Acne No More

The bonuses in the ebook will further allow you to learn how to treat acne and these bonuses are as under;

  1. The Complete Handbook of Nature’s Cures
  2. How and When to Be Your Own Doctor
  3. The Healing Power Of Water
  4. Free Lifetime Updates
  5. Free One-On-One Counseling With Mike Walden For 3 Months (LIMITED TIME ONLY!)

Pros in Review of Acne No More Program

  1. Mike Walden has written it with understandable and easy explanation so that everyone can understand.
  2. The program covers solid information by covering the root causes behind acne.
  3. The ebook is based on all the treatment ways that cure acne on permanent basis.
  4. The author is so much confident about the strong creation that he offers 100% money back guarantee in case of any dissatisfaction.

Cons in Review of the Acne No More Solution

  1. This program is no doubt an easy to understand, but for some persons, it is not possible to remain stick to it.
  2. When you go for the supplements with it, you need to spend a little more money.


The factors exist behind the acne are well defined in the Acne No More e-guide and specially for girls it can work like a surprise for them as a clear skin is dream of every girl. So if you really want to get rid of all troubles and embarrassment created by existence of acne on your face, you need to give a try to this healing solution of Acne No More.
acne no more review