Best Tips To Lose Weight

1. Prepare your workout clothes a day in advance
This trick will help you in two ways. First of all, you will save time in the morning. You do not have to count every valuable minute, and then you can stay in the fitness center for a longer time. The second benefit is psychological support because when you see ready-made clothes before, you will not forget it and it will look encouraging to not surrender.

2. Breakfast in the evening
People most often skip breakfast and do so for time reasons. They prefer to spend more time and then just run away. Once you have them ready in the evenings, you can eat in the morning or pack them for a trip and work at work. You do not have to do just different bread alternatives. Mix fruit and yoghurt flakes, prepare sauce or make the salad. Make sure you have enough protein that is very important in the morning.

3. Drink a glass of water before each meal
Occasionally, hunger is the only inadequate drinking regime. If you drink plenty of water, you will not have the taste of small chocolate. Teach yourself before each main meal to drink a cup of herbal tea or pure water that will soak you and then eat less food.

4. Eat fish instead of chicken
Chicken meat is now undoubtedly the most popular. Even if you get plenty of protein in your body, you can find a healthier alternative. These are different types of fish that have fewer calories and are more beneficial for the body. In addition, they contain healthy fats that prevent cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

5. Give yourself some coffee before exercising
Pre-exercise coffee helps in two ways. It will give you enough energy and exercise at least a little longer. Also, according to some studies, it helps to burn calories, so the success of your exercise will be even greater. But you only have to put a small cup in which you do not add any snacks and drink it shortly before you let go of a physical activity.

6. 5-minute HIIT before each meal
Spend the most calories at a time when you are hungry. That is why the body draws energy from old supplies and frees you from more fat cells. If you do not have enough time for a regular morning exercise, then practice another trick. Put it on the high-intensity HIIT exercise you do before each major meal of the day and practice it for five minutes. You will see the result after the first month.

7. Dead thrust and drew
Sometimes only a small change is needed. Just put the right exercises in the traditional set and the calories will burn much faster. So let’s give you two secret tips that do not miss any fitness trainers. The first is a dead move that you do not have to overcome with a higher weight. What is essential is its proper implementation, involving all the muscles and lifting a burden. Well, and any exercise would not be effective without any alternative to drew.

8. Eat after exercise
You do not have to worry about consuming food shortly after exercise. The body has released a lot of energy and needs to supplement the lowered sugar level in particular. Right now is the time for all those healthy spices to get a little salty and add all the necessary nutrients. After each exercise, therefore, do not have unpaved and unsweetened nuts, dried fruit, muesli stick or knäckerbrot with a healthy spread.

9. Green tea or match
The main part of the drinking regime is to make pure, non-sparkling water. You can add fresh fruit juices that can replace the ten or the lead. You can exchange water for green tea, which helps to burn calories, is a healthy alternative to coffee, gives you the energy you need and even a little saliva.

10. A small snack during lunch or dinner
Note how you often stomp on everything you have at your fingertips during cooking. Therefore, prepare a healthy snack before you experience the first feeling of hunger and will work as a prey. Slice fresh vegetables or fruits, prepare a tasty salad with an egg or a little avocado bread.

How to Lose Weight with Laxatives Safely

Each person has each reason like anxiety and eating too much, having an unbalanced diet, main medication, and so on. And losing weight also has a variety of method. You can skip meals, you can do more exercise, and you can fill up more fiber in your daily diet. You also enable to choose the liposuction surgery or laxative method as well.
For those who have the first time of hearing the laxative way, they will react like this: What? Using the laxative method? Is it really worked for my body shape? Is it safe? The truth is it could be safe for you and others when you have a deep understanding and apply it in the right way. Let’s begin with the in-depth guide in advance.

Can Laxatives Help You Lose Weight

A glance of the laxative method

In fact, laxatives are pills we take this to help the bowel movements do well or it sometimes makes a stool to relieve its process. If you have constipation or other uncomfortable bowel movements, doctors will take these for you in a limited using time.
Today, several persons often use it to boost the prevalence of bowel movements and implement in the weight loss procedure. Thus, laxatives are also a common approach for reducing weight in these days.

The certain types of laxative

Do you know that laxative method also have different classes and each of them has a different function? Of course, there are hundreds of laxatives on the current market, but you should put these in some main categories.
Stimulant laxatives are one of the most popular forms. These will increase the digestive movement in a natural way. Other laxative kinds have osmotic products, bulking platforms, stool softeners, enemas.
Osmotic products: they ought to make the colon has water and increase the osmosis process so that the poop is softer and the bowel movement is easier to pass.
• Bulking platforms: these will put a lot of fiber content so that you can poop easily.
• Stool softeners: they will push water in your colon and make it easy to go to the restroom.
• Enemas: their main function is reducing constipation because they place fluid to the rectum.

Use laxatives for weight loss

One of the most popular uses of laxatives is reducing weight. Most laxatives support in banishing of food immediately from your body before calories have been consumed. Therefore, when you eat, you will have to find a toilet within hours. The laxative method makes a fast loss of weight because of the calories dropping.

Benefits of using laxatives

When using laxatives, you will feel comfortable as your body cannot absorb more calories. To gain more positive influences, you should choose the best laxatives for weight loss. Also, it helps reduce constipation condition. However, you should use it in a short time only. If you abuse it for long period of time, many risk factors will surely come off.
Downsides when taking laxatives too much for weight loss

Diarrhea and dehydration

Obviously, when you use laxatives with high dosage or long period of time, diarrhea is the first downfall can visit you. Most laxative medicines might loosen your stool and cause diarrhea. Long-term diarrhea leads to dehydration as well as nutritional insufficiency.
Abdominal pain
Before taking any laxative pill, make sure to check all side effects by reading the instruction. Some laxatives can cause painful stomach. The abdominal pain is often caused by tonic laxatives which bring about shrinkages in your colon.
Some pregnant women often have nausea in the first 3-month period. You are not sure why you have the same state although you do the gynecological examination. In this time, think of the laxatives. Nausea is also a popular drawback related to using laxatives. The feeling can continue more than 3 days and you feel uncomfortable.
Some chemical elements in laxatives ought to avoid the layer of your stomach and lead to vomiting. This can take place serious nutritional effects for a while.
Rectal bleeding
Seriously, laxatives probably make lots of contractions in your bowel and colon. If this process happens all the time, rectal bleeding will come. In this period, laxatives do not unfasten the stool, they pull more and more. The stool is not soft and the rectum enables to irritate and bleeding.
When your body does not have enough water to transfer cells to other organs because of the dehydration of the laxatives, you will faint. Additionally, you do not have enough energy to push all cells in your body work.
Electrolyte imbalance
Laxatives make your body to lose many fluids and lots of important electrolytes. These electrolytes handle your body systems which include important organs and heartbeat as well. You feel exhausted and painful when electrolytes imbalance. In some cases, it could be fatal.

The ideal time for using laxatives

In fact, the supervision of your doctor or gastroenterologist will determine the best time for you to use laxatives to reduce weight.
You will do some medical checkup before. By doing this, he or she will have a deep understanding of your natural digestive rhythm.
In addition, you will have to stop using this method under your doctor instruction. Do not go to the drug shop and buy laxatives when you do not know the best dosages for your body!
In some cases, all the lost weight will come back after finishing use.


And…wrap up…

Laxatives are known as an unsafe and unsustainable method when reducing weight for a while. Nonetheless, you enable to undertake it once you know the true story behind. It is probably a stupid way but it is still effective to lose weight.
When you want to lose your weight in a long time, you need to apply other approaches such as get more physical activity, try to eat more fibers in your daily diet, evade fast foods and soft drinks, minimize your portion sizes, etc.

Tips to Keep Dental Hygiene on Vacations


Summer is the season when we make more meals away from home, but you do not have to give up your dental hygiene. It is very easy to keep a healthy and fresh smile wherever you are, just do not forget some basic rules. It is lucky of if you have got a chance to go on holidays, but do not forget to continue your dental hygiene routine wherever you go.
You should always carry with you the toothbrush and toothpaste. You can always take brush and toothpaste with you in your bag; they are the best allies for a correct dental hygiene. It would be best to brush your teeth twenty minutes after eating for at least 2 minutes, from top to bottom in the upper alveolar arch, and from bottom to top in the lower alveolar arch.
In addition, today thanks to research, it is possible to have revolutionary electric toothpaste, capable of helping us to keep our teeth clean and protected in all areas in a simple way. It is the perfect solution to have a bright and healthy smile also outside from home. It is perfect travel companion for the summer.
You are supposed to rinse your mouth after every meal. If it is not possible for you to brush your teeth after every meal, remember to rinse your mouth frequently since water not only removes the acids that remain on the teeth, but it also performs an important enamel mineralization action. So make some room in your suitcase and take your toothbrush and toothpaste with you to follow dental cleaning routine for protection.
In your diet menu, choose foods which are good for teeth. Do you know that some foods help you more than others to maintain a healthy teeth and bright smile? Here are some examples;

Pasta and Rye Bread

They need more chewing time compared to refined carbohydrates, and therefore need more saliva to remove germs and bacteria responsible for tooth decay.

Milk Products

They are high in calcium which help contrast the effects of enamel erosion caused by acids.


It contains iron and magnesium, which are essential to protect the gums.

Radishes, tomatoes and cherries.

They are rich in fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel.

Celery and carrots

Their high fiber content helps to massage the gums and remove plaque, keeping teeth clean.


They contain antibacterial substances which are capable of reducing plaque deposits.
If you love oriental cuisine, wasabi is able to protect teeth, thanks to its powerful antibacterial action. Remember to take these foods in your meals and snacks when you are away from home and your smile will be even brighter.
Avoid chewing acidic foods slowly. If you keep your food too acidic such as strawberries and citrus too long in the mouth, these can increase the risk of tooth enamel erosion.
Saliva acts as protection for the teeth, because it neutralizes acids in the mouth. If it is not possible to brush your teeth after eating, it may be helpful to stimulate salivation by chewing sugar-free gum containing xylitol which is a natural sweetener. It has anti-caries properties and is highly recommended for dental health.

Points to Consider for Picking the Best Denture Adhesive

The following are the points of the essential things to search for in order to pick the best denture adhesive.


Cost has a great deal to do when figuring out the denture adhesive you should pick. I would prefer not to overpay for an item which truly won’t work. Cost ought not to make any difference an excess of when it is about your wellbeing, but rather considering there are such a large number of denture adhesives accessible that are comparable, and we can pay less expensive by picking effectively in the event that it meets our criteria.
 Net Weight or Size
Denture adhesives come in numerous sizes. Ordinarily, you need to get the best value for the money by picking a denture glue which has more weight per tube and that it can last you somewhat more than others. Additionally, a few makers package a few glue tubes in a bundle, so it might be more useful once you have settled on the one you like to purchase for instance a pack of 2 or 4.
Client Reviews
This is by a long shot a standout amongst the most deciding focuses in picking better than average denture adhesive. That is on account of who else will let you know reality about the item than the ones who already have utilized it. Examine precisely merits and demerits of the item from people before settling on your choice and you can read more reviews here.
Another valuable variable in assisting you pick the best denture adhesive is general appraisals from sites, for example, Amazon. They take the majority of the surveys and arrange into rating for purchasers. This can be in star appraisals for instance 4 out of 5. This is an incredible variable for determination of the best denture adhesive.


In pretty much all that we purchase, we search generally advantageous. This is genuine regardless of the fact that we have extremely restricted amount to spend and it just bodes well to go generally advantageous. Be that as it may, searching generally advantageous could be by one means or another troublesome. There are such a large number of sorts of denture adhesive available that someone’s best decision might entirely be the best on the grounds that we have distinctive elements and details we search for when we pick an item, particularly for our wellbeing. The best one for a few individuals could be the item’s cost. For others, however, would the dynamic fixing in the denture adhesive or the net weight, so decide your criterion first.

Learn about Ketogenic Diet and How It can Help You Slim!

The ketogenic diet is a low-carb diet can help you lose weight and requires a good knowledge of nutrients to know which products you can consume and which ones to avoid. The supervision of a physician is advised to ensure so that you do not suffer from nutritional deficiencies. Ketogenic diet was actually designed to control epilepsy but became popular for weight loss.
It was created by the Dr. Russell Wilder at Mayo Clinic in 1921. It was designed to reduce episodes of seizures in children with epilepsy. However, it became popular for weight loss when Dr. Robert C. Atkins got involved with it in 1970 and increased protein intake rather than fat.
This diet provides a low or almost no dose of carbohydrates to the body, depending on the source of nutrients to prevail whether it is high fat or high protein, though, generally there is increased protein consumption. Classical ketogenic diet also called long-chain triglyceride and provides 3 to 4 grams of fat per gram of carbohydrate and protein.

Why is it called ketogenic?

It is called ketogenic because of the chemicals called ketones. Normally, the body uses carbohydrates for energy. When the body does not have enough carbohydrates to use, it uses fats and degradation releases ketones and this situation leads to a state agency known ketosis. Ketones are not dangerous and can be detected in the blood and urine. But if there is a very high level or if the diet is not supervised by a physician, it can endanger health.

What does it consist of?

The ketogenic diet should be supervised by a physician who will establish a meal plan in which food intake is monitored to ensure proper nutritional balance.

  • In the first weeks, the menus will have drastic reduction of the consumption of carbohydrates and you will be allowed to eat some vegetables and sometimes nuts.
  • There are no restrictions as to the liquid provided that it is not high in sugar and should be drunk but up to 3 liters for improving purifying function of the kidney.
  • There must also be calculated quantity of food to control the number of calories.
  • It is considered a Low Glycemic Index Diet and balances glucose levels, i.e. blood sugar.
  • Sweeteners are not recommended.

Why is it used for weight loss?

As I said in the beginning, it was not designed for weight loss, but to fight epilepsy since it was found that reducing carbohydrates, children who did not respond to improved medication.
Later, Dr. Atkins saw the state of ketosis which could help slimming and modified the diet to control the nutrients and promote this state to control for a short time.
The Atkins diet is based on reducing the intake of carbohydrates and increasing protein to simulate the situation of starvation or fasting in the body. In this state, the body uses fat for energy by burning and reducing fat stored in the body causing weight loss.

Is it right for you?

First of all, it is important to remember that before making a diet to lose weight, it is important to find a good nutritionist for your health analysis and see if there is any risk to carry it out. For example, it is not recommended for people suffering from kidney problems and it is not advisable for people with cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. In terms of obesity or overweight, your doctor may advise you to perform a low carb diet, but you must balance other nutrients.

Tips for Starting Ketogenic Diet

If your intention is to lose weight with this diet, keep the following points in mind;

  • Get books, DVDs or tutorials that will increase your knowledge about this diet plan.
  • Consult with your doctor to ensure there is no risk to your health. For example, note that this is a high-fat diet and excess fat can be risky for a person with a history of heart problems.
  • Make exercise to offset the caloric intake, so you can lose weight without fail.
  • Be consistent when you want to lose weight. It is better to lose slowly but over a longer period than done fast and have a rebound effect.

In case you already have tied Ketogenic Diet and it didn’t suit you, I will love to let you know an alternative to this diet namely Venus Factor, which contains exercises plans as well. If you are interested, you can read Venus Factor Review here.

5 Reasons to Avoid Quick, Restrictive and Unbalanced Diets for Weight Loss

Dukan diet and the Atkins diet are some examples of quick diets that are most popular and are followed by thousands of people across the world. However, they are not without risk. Experts remind that losing weight requires efforts, sacrifice and patience. To lose weight the healthy way, weight loss should be slow and sustained over time and it is the only way to combat overweight or obesity and avoid rebound effect.
Still, many people undergo the restrictive, high protein, fast or miracle diets hoping to be thin in record time. If this is your case, you should know the risks to which you could be exposed to by following quick weight destroyer diets.

  1. For the vast majority, these diets are neither studied medically nor their effectiveness in terms of weight loss or improved risk of cardiometabolic safety.
  2. Since these quick diets have not been studied, it is easy for these diets to skip the minimum requirements of energy and essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and trace elements that enable healthy weight loss without risk to health.
  3. High protein diets like the Dukan diet may be associated with bone loss and promote osteoporosis. In addition, rapid weight loss and excess protein may be associated with an increased risk of elevations of uric acid and gout.
  4. The unbalanced diets, such as those limited to eating one type of food, can cause fatigue, headaches and mood disorders. Depending on their composition, they could increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.
  5. Deficiency of iron, vitamin B12, iodine, vitamin D and calcium is common in the general population and may be exacerbated by tracking an unbalanced diet. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause anemia and neurological disorders. Deficiency of vitamin D and/or calcium can cause alterations in bone formation. Furthermore, iron deficiency increases the risk of anemia, hair loss and brittle nails.

This effect occurs in healthy people who undergo unbalanced diet. Those individuals who have any underlying disease such as diabetes, kidney or liver disease, can accuse more negative health consequences.
Since unbalanced diet is followed for a short time, it can have serious complications. After quitting the diet, there is not usually balanced eating pattern, which becomes the starting point for poor eating habits and you gain weight again.
Lack of physical activity is another aspect that can produce the rebound effect. Subjecting a successful diet treatment for solely to get rid of obesity is a mistake; physical activity is essential for weight maintenance.
The over-calorie diets are associated with a loss of muscle mass, glycogen and decreased resting energy expenditure. These are all the elements that can affect a decrease in total energy expenditure which that can be translated after a return to weight gain.
A gluten-free diet can be balanced, but it must be prescribed and medically supervised, because any removal of large groups of foods in your diet can lead to malnutrition.
The Dukan diet and the Atkins diet have not been studied scientifically. They are usually performed without prescription or medical monitoring and are not part of a comprehensive and personalized treatment of obesity. Their side effects are fatigue, gout and abnormal lipid profile.
But above all, the concern is the very negative impact on nutrition education in our society. In this sense, the educational improvement of a country, obtained after years of effort with government campaigns and daily work of health professionals, etc. may diminish easily and quickly by aggressive marketing that promotes unbalanced diets.
Be careful with the effects on bone health, risk of cancer or cardiovascular risk. However, the person doing this type of diet does not perceive these problems as symptoms until years later that a pattern of strength and health is observed.
The quick, restrictive and unbalanced diets do not promote healthy habits and you always have the risk getting fat again.

Avoid Toxic – Create Own Mask With Calcium Bentonite

The largest functional organ of human body is skin. Toxins make their way into the body through skin. The market is abundant with ready to use natural clay masks for your skin care. It is important to be aware of ingredients of these skin care products. The save yourself from these necessary evils of toxins present in skin care clay masks is to make it at your home.  
It is important to read skin care labels to know with what ingredients you are treating your skin.

  • A familiar toxin used as preservative in packaged volcanic clay masks is dmdm hydantoin. Derived from methanol it result in burning, scaling, hives, itching and blistering of skin due to poor immune system response. It can also cause cancer.
  • Styrax Benzoin extract is another common allergen found in clay mask. It can cause skin irritations, welts and urinary problems when absorbed through the skin.
  • Potassium Hydroxide or caustic potash is another ingredient used in clay masks. Being highly corrosive, it causes rashes and burning in the skin and when used in greater concentrations (5%), can destroy fingernails.

Fortunately, there is a natural substance called calcium bentonite clay that can be used to prepare a toxic free mask. Clay is a mineral whose chemical compositions are similar. Clay in the semctite family is more suitable to prepare clay masks.
To make homemade clay mask, you can used any quality of calcium bentoite clay. To make it follow the following steps

  • Mix 1 part dry calcium bentonite clay with 3 parts filtered water or organic apple cider vinegar or rosewater as the substitute of water.
  • Blend well till the consistency of sour cream.
  •  Keep it covered for 12 hours or more.

How to Apply

  • Apply a thin layer to the skin and allow it to dry for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water.
  •  After rinsing with water moisturize it.

As clay increases blood circulation, you will experience some temporary redness of the skin. Clay facials can be done once week for the purpose of exfoliation and cleansing.


Natural Eczema Treatment

Eczema is the problem in the children and adults as well that causes dryness, itching and red skin. Sometimes the situation gets worst enough that causes blisters on the skin that become open and ooze. Most common kinds of eczema are;
Atopic eczema is a condition common in children and often appears on face as red rashes with irritation.
Seborrhoeic eczema commonly affects adults and first appears on scalps and looks similar to dandruff.
The causes of eczema are not cleared but it is assumed eczema is somehow triggered by the body response to an external irritant that causes a severe reaction on the skin. Atopic eczema later develops allergies or asthma.
People with eczema or dermatitis are always in search of tips and treatments to treat the disorders and most if not all prefer the natural treatments over the traditional medical methods.
Eczema Natural Treatment: What To Look For
An eczema natural treatment can be found and many natural or holistic healing organizations carry products to help with the condition of eczema. Many natural and holistic healing organizations carry products to help treat the condition of eczema.
First thing first is to treat the skin and prevent it from dryness and losing moisture that can cause the disorder to become worst. For this tamanu oil is advised to help make a barrier on the skin and save you from any loss of moisture. The oil applied onto the skin and has a soothing effect on the area affected with the eczema.
It is also reported by many researchers that vitamin E is also thought to help in the eczema treatment. The vitamin E acts as immunity enhancer that means that to improve the natural ability of body to heal.
Flax oil is one more treatment of eczema that is natural that has an anti-inflammatory property to assist with the red swollen skin associated with eczema.
One best natural treatment for eczema is Neem or Azadirachta indica. It can help with infections that are often after effects of eczema. As the skin get scratched, sores can develop that become infected. Neem is an evergreen plant that is used as poultice on the skin to help prevent infections.
To avoid complications it is always advisable to consult with a physician in conjunction with natural treatments. The best thing with natural treatments is no negative side effects and eczema can be treated naturally even if the condition is chronic.

How To Store Foods In The Refrigerator

Frozen same products, in which water changes in a solid form, crystalline state (in the form of ice), may be stored for a long time. It is also known that the water contained in the foods, variously dissolved mineral salts, carbohydrates and alcohols, which considerably reduce the temperature of freezing. Therefore, the crystallization starting temperature is always lower O ° C (but usually not below -10 ° C).
Thus, due to the lower temperature stock compartment may have significant degradation in quality which may be stored in the products. The most suitable utensils for storing food in the refrigerator are plastic bags, enamel and plastic rectangular trays. These trays conveniently stir on the shelves, installed and removed, washed well and with sufficient capacity to be adjusted. They can store a variety of products. Opportune container for reserving food in the refrigerator, bags are made of polyethylene coat.
In this case, you should only use bags that are economically offered especially for food products. The use of any other synthetic bags, for example, textile products are unsafe, because the migration of plasticizers in food and other substantial components. Artificial bag securely is moisture, but to some coverage porous to gases, therefore the food products in it will make you difficult to “breathe” properly. Polyethylene buckets are principally superior for the reserve of undersized segments of fruits and vegetables.
At the same vegetables and fruits ripen ingestion of sugar, drops moisture and set free carbon dioxide, which accumulates in a conserved synthetic bag, deliberate metabolism and averts spontaneous spoilage. About the same acts individual wrapping of parchment or wax paper can help to protract life, such as apples. However, charging them in the refrigerator within a paper casing products is offensive for two causes:
First, they take up a lot of space, they are difficult to find and remove the second, impedes with the customary circulation of air inside the chamber and as a result of worsening conditions of storage products. Pots, cruets, dishes of the usual form with the improper storage of utensils for food in the refrigerator, the utilization of foods become unproductively.

Cherries For Health

Choosing a quality and sour cherry – Preference of dark cherry is suitable, because well-preserved compounds in them contain many useful substances. Choosing a dark colored fruits is a good indicator of the quality products and also the eminence state of the stalk. If the cherries are in raw form and it is not processed by the appearance of color, so keep them for few days or overripe then the high quality and freshness of the greenish cherries will be changed to the reddish color.
Cherries are not stored for a long time. But they can be savored not only fresh, but also dried and frozen. These fruits have been used profitably for the formation of various candies, decorate cakes and cocktails. Besides taste, cherries have also other rewards. It is designated for the anticipation of many syndromes and prescribed for those who have fastidious occupations which may cause muscle distress. Cherries thwart atherosclerosis and stroke by hanging blood cholesterol intensity. Less known there is another assistance of this fruit: are natural tranquilizers.
Cherries reduce skeletal and muscular tenderness. It is especially permitted for those who are involved in traumatic working status and those who practice sports. Cherries effect in curing disturbed nights, helping people to pacify better. After a course of cherries, sleep is prolonged, nonviolent and more consoling. It should be prominent at this point that cherries should not be taken in surplus because these fruits have a standard amount of sugar and it is more calorific comparatively than those fruits that we eat routinely.
Abuse of cherries can be associated with augmented blood sugar. Those suffering from liver disease, it is given a diet which involves eating two cups of cherries every day in the morning. Cherries not only do wonders for the body but you can also make tea with cherries. For the preparation take the amount of dried cherries and then compressed, it can make a tea with 200 milliliters of steaming water add a teaspoon with squeeze cherries. Tea made with honey can facilitate to eradicate “kidney stones”.